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Creation Committed to manufacturing steel pipes with an unshakeable vision

Producing unique products with unrivaled technologies

Nikken Sangyo is the world’s only manufacturer that produces high-strength steel booms for cranes (which require precision of less than 1 mm), rigid PVC-lined steel pipes for water supply (designed to deliver clean water across Japan), and heat-resistant, PVC-lined steel pipes for hot water (resistant to heat and corrosion). Nikken Sangyo helps to improve the quality of life with its unique products derived from its unrivaled technologies.

Cutting-edge facilities and line arrangements for massive production capabilities

These products are manufactured at Wakayama Plant, which represents the pinnacle of Nikken Sangyo’s engineering capabilities.The plant’s production lines are arranged to integrate all processes, with guaranteed working safety and streamlined logistics, by taking full advantage of cutting-edge facilities and the company’s unique expertise. Automation systems are built into every single process, dramatically improving the plant’s production capacity.

Adding values beyond high quality

The renovation of production processes has boosted our ability to meet increasingly complex orders. Nikken Sangyo is committed to small-lot production, short-time delivery, high cost performance, and ever-higher quality. Nikken Sangyo also operates in-house recycling facilities to meet its corporate responsibility to handle SOCs (substances of concern) in particular applications.

Lining and processing line at Wakayama Plant
Production items High-strength steel booms for cranes Heat-resistant, rigid PVC-lined steel pipes for hot water PVC-lined steel pipes for water supply PVC-lined steel pipes for drainage
  • The manufacturing processes of crane/boom materials
  • Vinyl Lined Steel Pipe Manufacturing Process