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Connection Nikken Sangyo connects the world based on its unique perspective and creativity.

Entering the rest of Asia with ingenuity and expertise built on experience

Asian countries are expected to drive the global economy. Indeed, their markets offer huge potential, with projects now under way to develop resources, construct energy plants, improve infrastructure, and build houses. With expertise and ingenuity gained through experience, Nikken Sangyo will build “a new wave” by taking advantage of its technologies for manufacturing construction equipment parts and its extensive network outside Japan.

Creating dynamic movement with partners

As an Asian manufacturer, Nikken Sangyo is keen to expand its scope of activities. As a first step, a joint venture was established with a company in South Korea. Nikken Sangyo will also forge links with other Asian manufacturers with excellent engineering capabilities, in order to achieve optimal production in the optimal location and to create unique dynamic movement in the industry and across the world.

Connecting the world with Nikken Sangyo’s competence

Today, demand for construction equipment has been growing in Asia and neighboring regions. Nikken Sangyo’s mission is to strengthen the network in Asia. Various companies in different countries will be linked with one another to unleash their potential, and the network will be expanded to the rest of the world. Always committed to making progress and not just expansion, Nikken Sangyo is working to become a global player.

Nikken Sangyo’s future as a fabless maker

Tie-up Companies

  • SH PAC

About Nikken International Korea

Demands for infrastructure to meet growing consumption in Southeast Asia are predicted to grow extensively from now on. From South-East Asia as a place of supply, to South-East Asia as a place of demand Nikken International Korea Co. Ltd(NIK) was founded by Nikken Sangyo on Feb 2010, in Seoul, Korea, in collaboration with the former CEO of a Korean manufacturing company. This company is making capital acquisitions and participating in the management of promising undiscovered manufacturing companies and export companies in Korea. The globalization of the marketplace has brought with it the need to change in order to meet customer needs. Along with these changes, one also cannot afford to overlook making changes in attitude towards production planning. Nikken Sangyo lends its strength to a wide network of allied enterprises, which rely on their savvy knowledge of technology. It is a fabrication company founded on new planning concepts, which has set its sights on export to Southeast Asia.

Company Name
Nikken International Korea Co.,Ltd(NIK)

Board Members
Representative Chairman of the Board of Directors: Takehiro Hamaguchi
Representative Director and President: Kyung-Tae Kim

Access / Office
1018-1019,Donggwan,Hanshin Intervalley 24 707-34,