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1939 March Founded the Hamaguchi Steel and Co. at 3 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka City
Began sales of imported steel materials and steel gas pipes
1946 June Incorporated and renamed the NIKKEN SANGYO Co., Ltd.
1953 April Signed a dealership contract with the Mitsubishi Corporation
1971 April Relocated the manufacturing facility for hard polyvinyl chloride lined steel pipe from Fukushima-ku to Nishi-ku, Osaka city
1971 October Separated the processing division to newly establish the Nikken Kako Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1976 November Completed the Nikken Building in Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City
1977 April Constructed the Kishiwada Plant in Rinkaicho, Kishiwada City, Osaka
1979 August Accredited the Kishiwada Plant with the Japan Water Works Association as a certified plant
1991 June Constructed the Wakayama Plant in Nadacho, Gobo City, Wakayama
1999 April Constructed the new Nikken Sangyo Shinonome Warehouse in Koto-ku, Tokyo
2002 February Invested in establishing the Akahagi Flange Co., Ltd.
2003 April Enhanced the lined steel pipe processing facility at Kishiwada Plant
2003 July Introduced a new lined steel pipe processing facility at Wakayama Plant
2004 June Merged Nikken Sangyo, Nikken Kako Kogyo,
and Nikken Fudosan to form the NIKKEN SANGYO Co., Ltd.
Accredited the Wakayama Plant with the Japan Water Works Association as a certified plant
2007 March Introduced new 3D laser processing machines at Wakayama Plant
2007 November Focused management resources on the manufacturing division
2008 June Opened Nishi-Akashi Branch
2009 March Constructed the new Mizushima Warehouse in Okayama
2010 February Established Nikken International Korea(NIK) in South Korea
2010 April Established a new plant for manufacturing lined steel pipes at Wakayama Plant
2010 July Invested in Korean manufacturer SHPAC to start manufacturing cylinders on a group basis
2011 January Opened Hanoi Office in Vietnam
2014 April Nishi-Akashi Branch changed its name to Kobe Branch.
2015 June Opened Tokyo Branch
2015 October Opened Hiroshima Branch