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““Creating trends”instead of”atching trend (NIKKEN SANGYO CO.,LTD Representative Director and President Takehiro Hamaguchi)”

Life did not always go as planned in the times just after the war. Our founder Rei’ichi Hamaguchi, who thought, “There is water so that humans can go on living, and piping is necessary for it to run throughout a city,” began this company by naming it “Nikken Sangyo” (Japan Building Industry) to bind himself to his wish to rebuild Japan. Starting as a pipe wholesaler in Osaka, he expanded to create bases of operations in every region of the country and developed his piping systems to be more and more convenient. Furthermore, so that his company’s products could spread throughout the world, he established a factory department. Nikken Sangyo has gone on steadily expanding on this sphere of activity.

Now we have two different powers backing the value of Nikken Sangyo. One is the “assuring water safety” through steel pipes lined with rigid PVC and the other is the “supporting steel booms,” implemented as construction crane booms. We hope to leverage these “support powers” to support the future of our society and Nikken Sangyo. The three declarations stated below are the essence of our strong will.

Create a tomorrow where what was once beyond reach is available.

We are willing to apply the essential support technologies and experience that we have developed over the years to new areas.

Establish solid mutual stability.

Nikken Sangyo will maintain mutual stability with our partners , with our employees and with our shareholders, which constitutes our management philosophy

“Creating trends”instead of”atching trend.

We understand that as times changes, so do trends. This is the very reason why we wish to create trends on our own to complete our mission.

Taking full advantage of our “support powers,” Nikken Sangyo will continue to strive to reach its goals.