We are a company that places “Gakuryoku”(the ability to enjoy) before everything else.
People who can enjoy their present environment, people who enjoy each others’ company, people who bring pleasure to each other, and people who aspire to these qualities – we are looking for people with “Gakuryoku.” 

Meet the People Who Work at Nikken Sangyo

Takashi Watanabe

Takashi Watanabe Nishi-Akashi Branch / Joined the company in May, 2012

A work environment where we can grow "with" the company.

Joining Nikken Sangyo with the wish to grow with the company, time flew by so quickly.I was given the chance to be in charge of a big project from the first year, which was really worthwhile.Since I am green in this field, my product/trade knowledge may be weak. I am still on a continuous process of trial and error.But as I solve the problems one by one, and the project takes a step forward, I feel the growth in myself.Whatever may come, I would like to continue developing myself and Nikken Sangyo with an positive posture.

Kazuhiko Ishibashi

Kazuhiko Ishibashi Wakayama Factory / Joined the company in August , 2010

Casting my ambition into shape

I could never forget the feeling of gratitude for being welcomed warmly from the first day joining Nikken Sangyo, even though I was a complete newcomer in this field.If only the employee had ambitious spirit, the tradition and institution of Nikken Sangyo could satisfy it.I could have opportunities to take various courses, or have overseas business trip just for the purpose of investigation.Now, I have just started to work on improving "the power of the field."Realizing the individual ambitions for improvement and the new heights, I myself would like to make significant advance to the next step.

Ryo Fukuda

Junya Yabuno Wakayama Factory / Joined the company in April , 2014

As a part of Nikken Sangyo

My father is the reason why I entered the Nikken Sangyo. He also works at the same company and he was doing an Assessment and Improvement Activities of the Induction Heating equipment which was the main project stood up newly in Wakayama in 2008. As a student, I remember sitting with my family at dinner and hearing my father proudly talk about the new project he was ambitiously working on. After joining the company, as a member of this "hard vinyl chloride lined steel pipe" production line which my father worked on. I have made further improvements to the improvements which made by my father. Also, since last year, I began studying welding work anew and now I am struggling to acquire qualifications. I hope to further refine the technical capabilities of this welding in the future and contribute to the company.

Aya Hikone

Aya Hikone Headquarters / Joined our company in August.2014

Enjoyable and fulfilling job

I have changed jobs from completely different industries, but I am thinking that it was a good thing that I joined Nikken Sangyo. I feel like I'm growing and developing because my company gives me a new opportunity that I can challenge various things regardless of my experiences. Since our workplace supports us to have curiosity and learning and practicing new things, I came to feel my work is not only but also fun. All of my colleagues in here are really warm and I always appreciate that. Many female employees are active in the workplace, I get a lot of encouragement from them every day. Although there are a lot of things that I have to learn, I want to grow steadily and contribute to the company.