We have reached out from our four bases in Japan and East Asia through “”The Power of Growth”” to create a new movement.

Nikken’s four scenarios to drive future growth

Nikken Sangyo provides assistance for new business models, merchandise, and human resources, helping turn bright ideas into breathtaking new value.

Four futures

Assistance to startups with potential NIKKEN lab.

Nikken Sangyo provides office space to startup companies that undertake research and development with the aim of creating next-generation businesses. It also provides an exchange center to encourage exchanges between companies. These facilities help startup companies stimulate each other, become connected, and produce new ideas. Thus, Nikken Sangyo assists companies to play an active role in the global market.

Discovering and raising talented staff NIKKEN MBA lab.

We run a prep school specifically for working people to prepare for MBA accreditation. Our generous support programs include flat-rate school fees, interest-free scholarships, and tutorials for students so they can study efficiently while working. We also strive to identify highly motivated people and nurture business seeds, while running business incubation programs.

Encouraging further growth Corporate Assistance (capital participation, M&A, business succession)

We actively support companies in Japan and abroad that have good growth potential. For example, we have invested in SH PAC, a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in Korea, and Akahagi Flange, a flange manufacturer with strong technical skills and a full range of production equipment. Another example is Nichiei Corporation, which excels in hydraulic machinery and has joined the Nikken Group.